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Ukko Finland @ Valley Of The Gods

Product promotional shortie clip (2019)

Cozify - Son returns home

Product marketing video (2019)

Disillusion - Wintertide

Cinematic lyric video (2019)

Asim Searah - YouTube Channel Promo

Personal branding video & photography (2019)

Cozify - Älyä kotiisi (Smart home)

Finnish smart home product video (2018)

Copone's Wood Workshop

Promotional video (2018)

Gojira @ Wacken Open Air

Montage live clip (2018)

Wintersun - The Band from the Land of Snow and Sorrow

Documentary music video (2018)

Visit Epic West Norway

Travel video (2018)

Cozify - Christmas Promo

Marketing video (2016)

Damnation Plan - Maze Of Despair

Music video (2017)

Damnation Plan - Making-of Documentary

Documentary movie (2016)

Damnation Plan - Ashes

Music video (2013)

Design showcase

Copone's - Puutyöverstas | Soitinhuolto (2018)

Helsinki based woodworks & custom guitars start-up. Visual brand identity, website design & code, print brochures, promotional video tailored for social media marketing and promotion, start-up consulting.

Design showcase

Cozify - Smart Living. For Life. (2018)

Finnish smart home solution. Full company & product brand creation, physical product industrial design (3D), website design & code, mobile app visual design, user experience interaction design, still & video marketing materials.

Most of my visual design work is confidential client work spanning over my 10+ years professional career. I've done visual designing of mobile applications and websites and concepting for leading brands such as Nokia, Elisa, Vodafone, Pepsi, ESPN and National Geographic.

In addition I've done various types of freelance design projects for smaller size businesses, brands and record labels ranging from websites, to Finnish Grammy nominee DVDs, video documentaries and album artworks.

By request and for your enquiry I'm happy to send/show you my full design portfolio and CV.


Why hire me?

If you need a multidisciplinery one man design / video production studio for your project all in one package, you've found your guy. I'm capable of managing all phases of a design / video production project on my own, but I'm also used to working in bigger teams. My biggest asset is a sense of style, a strong visual vision, an ability and an eye to turn a seemingly ordinary thing into an epic form.

I've done well over hundred professional client projects in field of design, and video during my 10+ years professional career. I have shot all my videos with my own gear, directed them, casted them, organized them and edited them with minimal DIY-budgets - and sometimes in the middle of it all, stepping in to act.

The design showcase on this page is an example of a company/brand/product of which I've done all the phases of design of a product from the initial idea level to the market shelf.

I'm capable of quickly re-locating from place A to B anywhere in the world (currently I'm located in Southern Finland), to hike with my gear to mountains if needed, and to work remotely. In addition, I'm a really great guy to work with ;)

So, don't hesitate to send me a message!

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